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Aug 9, 2021
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Long Island, NY
Hi Folks,
My Webber charcoal smoker rusted out, so I was out looking at new grills and came across some pellet Models that peaked my interest. I always shunned pellet grills because I did not think that they would be very good at grilling steaks and hamburgers. Then I looked at the Pit Boss Models and read about the grilling vents and I was sold. Anyway I am looking the Pro 820 and the Pro 600. I think I will go with the 820 even though I usually cook for 2 people.

I never cooked Chicken on the grill, but I am looking forward to doing it now.

Welcome to the group. What part of Long Island are you in. I'm originally from Bellerose, Floral Park area. Moved to Texas 38 yrs. ago September.
Welcome! I think you've came to a good place too.
So you burned out a weber and ya never done chicken? Ya'll are in for a treat. Smoked these on my 1150 but I did sear on my offset grill.(pic) Cause I was cookin ribeyes and filets for 12.


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It takes some practice but in no time you'll be smokin' like a pro. Lots of people to help out here with ideas and such. Also, tons of YouTube videos on how to cook on a pellet grill.
I did it, I just purchased a PB850PS2 from Lowes. They included setup and delivery free. It will arrive Friday.

Any ideas for a easy, guaranteed success first recipe?
Boneless pork loins or tenderloins are real easy. Salt, pepper, garlic power, smoke till internal temp is 145 deg. Sandwiches with mustard on a bulky roll are awesome.

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