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Apr 17, 2021
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I started researching pellet grills and learned about Pit Boss. I like the features and good reviews. Important to me is the removable ash container on some models.
This is where my question comes in... which model to choose.

I went on the PB site in hopes of finding a comparison page but I don't see it.

Before just going to Lowes and buying what they have on the floor (prefer to buy from smaller company), I thought I would join here and get some insight on model features and recommended retailers.

I expect to pay $500- $700 +/- for the grill and this will be our first pellet model. We have Weber propane BBQ and learned buying quality is the best way to go - which is why I'm leaning towards PitBoss.

Any suggestions are welcome - looking for pellet to smoke/cook brisket, ribs, etc. that look so much better on the smoker than grill. I have watched numerous Youtubes on the PitBoss and cooking features of the pellet grills and would like to make the purchase for this spring to try a new way of outdoor cooking.

Thanks for letting me join and I look forward to learning about this new way to cook. Apologies for not spending more time on this site doing searches - I just saw the site and decided to join and ask for help. I will be reading older posts and maybe finding the answers to my questions.

Bottom line is I'm probably going to buy a Pitboss but would like to be more educated before taking the dive.

Thank you in advance for any help, suggestions or related experiences you may have learned when in my position.

I have the Pit Boss vertical smoker PBV4PS2 from Lowe's and I love it. I smoked everything besides a brisket and plate ribs which is on the to do list. Seems like the more I use it the better each smoke comes out.
I did a bit of research too, I found the Pro 850 is best for me. I am doing my first cook now. Good luck.
My 1150 Pro with the new controller is doing well. Doesn't like temps over 350 or so but I can make it get there. Still experimenting but I ran an Austin XL for 5 years and made some great food. These things are built for low and slow. I'm happy with mine and I can easily get 4 racks on it with plenty of room without using the upper level.

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