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May 9, 2020
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New to Pit Boss and excited to become more familiar with brand. Had first smoke today but didn’t end up as planned. Ribs and brisket were tough. Never had a brisket come up to 165 so fast and blow right to 203. 12 lbs to temp in 8 hours. Had it on the second rack, perhaps to close to heat source? Will move to 4th rack next time. Any insights or suggestions would be helpful.
What probe are you using? During my first cook with a Boston butt I noticed the temp shoot up very fast so I stuck a Bluetooth probe into it with a different thermometer and it was more accurate. The Pit Boss temp probe was consistently 40-50 degrees higher for the entire cook so I haven't used it since. Normally when smoking for a long period of time I have found that using the center rack works best (by the door handle). When I do wings I will sometimes start on the middle rack then I'll move them lower the last hour or so to crisp up the skin.
I was using the thermometer that came with the unit. After reading a bunch of different threads, seems like those are off quite a bit as you stated. I should have gone with my gut and just let it stay in based on time, not temp. So, I have a new Bluetooth thermometer coming today and a new brisket in the fridge waiting. I will get it right eventually! Thanks for the insights.

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