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Sep 28, 2020
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Durham, NC
Hi everyone,

I have been smoking for a couple of years now in a wood burning Texas style offset smoker. Decided to pick up the Pit Boss 700FB to paly around with. I was hoping that it would make things easier when you wanted to smoke but didn't necessarily have time to mess with the management of the offset. I assembled it Friday and did the burn off by the book. I wanted to smoke a pork loin yesterday. I had a terrible time maintaining the temp as it ran hot constantly I would set it on 250 and would see temps as his as 350 or 400 at times. Had a flame out, came out to the grill and the temp was running low. Then I guess the igniter came on, the grill started producing a ton of white smoke and essentially flashed. At that point I was never able to get the temp less than 400. Not exactly what I was thinking I was going to get with my first smoke. Is there a learning curve? Do they normally run hot? Is there something that I missed? I was using Kingsford Pellets, they seemed fresh. Thanks for any advice. Hoping to do a dry run later this week to see if the grill can maintain some since of temperature.

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