New To Pellet Grilling

Lone Ranger

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Nov 18, 2021
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Summertown, Tn.
Hello I am a retired power company employee. 72 years young. And then a over the road Trucker hauling with a flat bed trailer mostly hauling over sized machinery.
I really enjoy grilling and have many Beef Briskets under my belt. (actually quite literally). However they were done low and slow on charcoal grill. So I am not quite sure if that will help me transition to a pellet grill smoker or not? Maybe all of that goes out the window? Maybe you can tell about that. I am here hoping to learn from the people who are experienced and well practiced. I just got my first Pitt Boss grill today and have put it together but have not yet powered it on. Hopefully all will go well and if it don't maybe I can learn how to fix it.