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Mar 15, 2021
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Toronto, Canada
Hi All,
Glad I found this forum. Just purchased the 850 pro series. I had been waiting to purchase because of the issues I had heard about the PID controller on these units. I read that there was a fix for it so I went ahead and purchased once the 850 was available in Canada. Assembled on Friday and did the burn in. Everything worked fine for the burn in. As I started to play around with it I realized there there were only 50 degree temperature adjustments between 200 and 300 degrees. I contacted Pit Boss to inquire about reprogramming and was very disappointed in the response.
I do apologize but that unit does not have a reprogramming option. 1150 is the unit we had reprogrammed the board and it is not the same control board. Sorry about that have a good night."

I thought this was a pretty poor response form tech support, nothing to say they were looking into it or anything.
Did I just buy a lemon? I was really excited about this unit because our choices on pellet grills in Canada are a bit more limited than in the US.
I wouldn't stress bout it ....
I'm guessing that if you do the bread test to see where your spots are you will find that at the 250 setting you likely have an area of your grill that will be closer to 225, and same goes with the 300 setting. As long as your temps stay consistent just enjoy it an cook...

I have a cheaper line of a pellet grill at home and that has been my experience any way, and so far have cooked some amazing food off of it. With same sort of settings after 300 it goes 350, 400, 450 and then Max

Also have a Pro Series on order but waiting on it to arrive (We got a combo for our site so that we have a bit more functionality for camping) and it supposed to arrive in the next 30 days or so... likely has a similar controller.
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