New Pro 820 owner, not happy


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Jun 5, 2022
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Made the jump from Weber Smokey Mountain smoker to Pit Boss. So far I am unimpressed. Nothing but issues particularly with temperature. Slow to get to temperature on start up, temperature in the barrel clearly not was hot as it indicates during cooking and the hottest I could get it was an indicated 375 when set at 400. It's like the auger has one speed. Anyway, I hope the company makes this right but from the forums I doubt it.
Welcome to the forum @Roadkillav8r - Sorry to hear your first experiences haven't been a good one. Have you contacted Pit Boss? Let us know what fixes it.
I need to collect some data on what is really happening in the cooking chamber and then I will contact PB. I have made a template of a heat shield that slides back and forth demonstrated on another post and I will get it fabricated locally. It's a really good idea that one of the members came up with to solve the uneven heating issue. So simple PB should include it in their designs and retrofit all the rest.
A little data collected today. I set the PID controller to 400 which it fairly quickly got to and I let it stabilize for about 30 minutes. I had two thermometers in the cooking area, left and right. Left was reading 350 right was reading 285!. At 350 on the PID left was at 300 right was at 230. PID at 300 Left read 265 right was at 215. I gave the numbers to the company, they are sending a new temp probe. As I told the rep on the phone that this food poisoning level of errors.
Always check the internal temperature of the meat with reliable thermometers and you'll have no food poisoning.

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