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Nov 23, 2021
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Warner Robins, GA 31088, USA
Hey my name is Anton and I caught a fire in the pellet pit and the auger is jammed up. I can't spin the auger to get to the screw to remove the motor. I need all the help I can get this is getting frustrating....
Hope you had some success. I just did dealt with the same issue. My draft fan went out and without realizing what was going on, I burned some pellets to try and jump start it and unfortunately, a few of them burned up in the auger tube. PitBoss was great with "over the phone" service and sent me a new fan for free. So, yesterday, (months later after Hurricane Ida recovery eased up and things finally getting back to normal) I changed out the fan and it worked, but the auger was froze.

After cutting the wire ties holding the wiring in a bunch, removing the hopper housing screws and by flipping it straight away and upside down and propping it up to keep the strain off the wires, I was able to access the auger and motor. I was able to rotate the assy just enough to get an Allen wrench into the bolt head and had to hold the nut with some pliers. Thankfully the locknut threads were weak and I was able to get it loose. Once the bolt/pin was out and the motor removed, I tapped the end of the auger a few times, driving it into the grill a bit further, while twisting and then tapped it back out from the fire-pot end. After a few times doing this, the pellets let loose of the tube and I was able to pull it all the way out. Crisis averted, PB1230 repaired and Thanksgiving turkey smoking well!