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Feb 3, 2021
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Galveston Island Texas
Hello everyone, I had seen Traeger's over the past few years and about 3 weeks ago my local (to me, 45 Minute drive away) Costco was having a Road Show. I decided to pull the trigger and purchased the Mesa 22, got it home, assembled it (very easy), Smoked a Pair of Beer Can Chickens and a Rack of Baby Back Ribs along with some Country Style Pork 🥩 Ribs. Turned out Fantastic. Did a lot of Web Browsing, Checked out Various Pellet Grills at Local Hardware and Big Box Stores and discovered that I had purchased "Detuned Traeger Pro Series 22". The Mesa 22 came with only 1 Probe (and only 1 Jack, can't just purchase another Probe), No second Shelf Included and the Mesa 22 came with "Cheapo Spindly Legs" compared to those Equipped on the Pro 22 Unit which is 100 Dollars more than the Mesa 22. I loaded that sucker up and promptly returned it to Coscto for a full refund. I Purchased the Platinum Series Laredo 1000 at local Walmart (25 Minute drive away) for 2 Dollars less than the Mesa 22 cost. The Pit Boss Laredo 1000 is "BIGGER. HOTTER. HEAVIER" then the Traeger Mesa 22, Has 2 Probes (not one), "Smoke It" App (no App for Mesa 22), Twice the Grilling Space with the 3 included Grilling Levels (single Level on the Mesa 22), Much HEAVIER and Thicker Steel, Larger Hopper, Has a Fold-Down front Shelf as well as a Fixed Right Side Shelf & a Lower Storage Shelf, (Mesa 22 has No Shelfs), Laredo is Equipped with an Easy to Control "Adjustable Slide-Plate Flame Broiler" (Mesa 22 has no such Feature), the 4 Heavy Duty Wheels Equipped with Ball Bearings, two of which have Awesome Lockable Wheels/Caster's make rolling the Grill around on My Deck a Breeze, the "Ash Clean-Out Drawer is also a Plus". Cons and Suggestions to Pit Boss Team: Packaging needs Improving (Lower Storage Shelf was Floating around freely to bang against the Grill). I recommend Changing out the "Phillips Head" Fasteners with far Superior "T25 Torx" Fasteners (I'm a Retired Professional Wrench with over 43+ Years of Experience). I suggest your Design Team come up with a "Hanger" for a "Bucket or Pail" to Catch the Pellets from the "Hopper Clean-Out" (I'm currently using a Kitchen Trash Bag "Taped below the Clean-Out Shoot"). I've Smoked / Grilled @ 225 F and Reverse Seared a Pair of Steaks (Rare) and a Beef Roast (Rare) Marinated with Lea & Perrins Worchester Sauce along with Fiesta Brand "Mango Habanero Rub" which were Phenomenal, :)
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Laredo 1000 Beef Roast.jpg
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