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Jul 12, 2021
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Greenville, SC
Another newb here names Jim. New to pellet cookin but not smoke cookin.
Been wantin to try one and missed a deal on one from CL. So off to the box stores I go. Thinkin I'll grab a small one and play with it july 4th weekend. LoL Well their all sold out. So next size up and me an another guy wantin one. Guy comes back and says only has the floor model. I tell the other guy he can have I'll wait till later.
Well now I'm looking at the big one and debating. Along come a guy from lowes and some guy with a pit boss shirt on. Talked fer a bit about smoke cookin and benefits of a pellet smoker. I didn't get a discount but I got cover,two more probes,and a bag of each flavor pellet they had in stock. I think this one has more room than my offset smoker. LoL