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Apr 27, 2021
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Hey all,

I just got the pit boss pro series pb1100psc2. There are some things that I don’t quite understand and I cannot find any information.
First, when smoking something like ribs, the hopper will continuously feed pellets, creating smoke for the entire 3-2-1 method...correct? Is there a way to stop the hopper where you aren’t using pellets the entire time? Seems kinda weird to have the pellets burning for like 12 hours doing a pork butt.
Second, should I keep the flame boiler and smoke adjust rod closed to keep the smoke in that grill side to Max the smoke when you’re doing like ribs?
Third, is there a website or somewhere that provides more information about how to use the grill? I haven’t been able to find anything. I use to have an electric tower smoker and this pit boss is so different...need help! Lol
always keep the flame broiler slide plate CLOSED!
you would only slide it open if you want to sear something.
and your auger should not continuously feed pellets, it only feeds periodically when necessary.
if yours IS feeding pellets continuously then you have a problem like crossed wire connections or a bad controller.
I would call Pit Boss and explain your issues with then.