My meat needs more heat


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Jun 17, 2020
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Tallahassee, FL
PB unit:
Pit Boss 77320 Blue Blazing 3 Series 22-Inch Vertical Analog Electric Smoker w/ Window
Door thermometer indicates that the hottest ambient heat I can generate inside my smoker is 205 degrees. I've learned not to fill my water/juice bowl too much as the inside temperature gets hottest when the reservoir is empty. I am new to using my smoker and only used it once last Summer because of similar disappointing results due to not getting my PB's ambient inside temperature hot enough. I'm getting good smoke results but the recipe calls for 225 degrees and I can't get my PB smoker over 205 degrees. I am not curently using a digital probe thermometer and I can only guess at my cook times when my smoker is delivering 20 degrees less heat than the recipe requires. Also since I can't produce hotter baking temperatures, I am unable to get my poultry's internal temperatue to 165 degrees which is the minimum needed for safe eating. I am keeping the rear top vents closed so I am not losing heat that way. BTW ... the outside temperature here in Florida in not causing any weather challenges (LOL). At this point, I'm having to finish my cook by removing my birds from my PB smoker and finishing them in our indoor oven. FYI ... I have placed a disposible AL pan above the water pan on a cooking shelf to catch drippings from above but unless I'm told otherwise, I don't beleive this is my problem. HELP!


Jun 1, 2020
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Milpitas, CA
Have you called support? Have you tried the biscuit test? If you don't have a digital probe thermometer, how can you tell what is going on inside? Are you trusting the thermometer that is in the door?

Maybe there's something wrong with your hardware and support can help you with that.

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