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Sep 24, 2021
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Joplin, MO
I have the PBV$PS2 vertical smoker. It has 2 connections for meat probes, but only came with one. Forgive my obvious stupidity but why and how would I use 2 probes instead of 1?

It's my first smoker, and I'm just trying to be diligent.

Thanks in advance for any advice and responses!


The reason for more than one meat probe is if you have more than one piece of meat in the smoker they may be at different temps.

Before going off and buying another probe for the PBV4PS2, read through the forum awhile and you'll see some feedback on the accuracy (or lack of accuracy) of the pit-boss probes.

Then look into a separate, standalone thermometer with a remote.

I have a Thermoworks smoke X4, and a Thermoworks Smoke. There are lots of brands. Some here have Fireboard some have Inkbird.

edit: here's some examples in a web review.

My advice is to decide what is important to you, and what is not important.

For me, I did not want an app on my phone for the remote. I wanted a separate remote that would wake me up if the temp alarms went off.

edit2: and read more than one review. some may be biased to a particular brand

the smoke it app has reading for 2 probes you can buy the other probe and use it as reference for temp but its best to have a separate unit to verify the meat temp ..I find my PB 4 probe is off by almost 5 degrees so I know to pull my stuff early if im cooking by temp
Thanks for the feedback. Is there a difference between the probe marked MPC and the one marked MP?

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