DEAL Magnetic Pellet Shoot Extender for Pit Boss pellet grill hopper cleanout

This magnetic shoot extender eliminates the mess of emptying the wood pellets from your Pit Boss pellet grill. It is compatible with Pit Boss pellet grills that have the square opening on the back of the hopper. It will not work on models with the hinged doors! No screws or mounting hardware is required.

It's available in black or orange on my Etsy shop for $12.50 +shipping/tax.

Simple to use:
1) Place the extender around the bottom of the hopper cleanout door.
2) Place your container under the extender.
3) Open the cleanout door and empty the pellets from the hopper.
4) Close the the cleanout door.
5) The Pellet Shoot Extender can be left attached to the grill or removed.
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