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Lumberjack Competition Blend


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Aug 10, 2021
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Bedford, Texas
Hi, I am brand new to pellet smoking, so I may ask a few dumb questions, but I figure this is the place to learn a lot. so bear with me, lol. I want to try using the Lumberjack pellets next time. My local Dicks has them in stock, but they only have the blend of maple, hickory and cherry. Has anyone ever used a blend like this on any brand? I prefer to just use a single wood, but wanted to ask before I bought this or order then single wood one.
I have all lumberjack pellets at this point. We did our first smoke for 3-2-1 ribs this past Saturday, and couldn't pick up much if any smoke flavor at all. I used about 3 parts competition blend, 1 part char hickory. could see and smell the smoke while cooking, but when it came time to eat, there was none. The ribs were good, just not smoky.

We didn't use a smoke tube on purpose, so as to experience the smoker as it was built. Next time I will be using the same blend, but i'll add a tube of hickory to the chamber and see if that improves.
Haven't tried Lumberjack pellets but intend to. Have only used Pit Boss this far and they seem to lack smokey flavor even with a smoke tube. Pit Boss are all blends and am wondering if something like 100 % hickory would do s better job. I still prefer apple but haven't seen 100% apple.
I use LumberJack pellets but use the 100% hickory. Don't care for blends.

If you have a Rural King or an Atwood's Home and Ranch reasonably close they sell LumberJack pellets for less than $10 for a 20lb bag. If you have a Dick's nearby they are said to price match and can order pellet species they don't stock.