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Feb 20, 2021
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Lexington holds most temps. above 300. I wish I could find one that had 25 deg increments variable speed would be nice. 250 runs 195-238 so most of my smokes are based for 225ish cook Put 8lb pork butt in at 6:30 pm cent. time now it's 9:30 41 deg outside will probe and spritz about 6:30am and let ya know how it went!
I have the same problem with my Lexington grill. Above 300 it reaches and holds the temperature, but below that, it is variable. It is based on ambient temperature, when it is 40 degrees F I get about 215 on the 250 setting. At 20 degrees F I get about 190. During the summer it would be pretty close. I contacted Pitboss about this, and they gave me some generic BS about how clean the thermal probe is, but I tried to explain that if the probe indicated it was actual temperature, even though it wasn't, that might apply, but the probe reading is accurate, the temperature just does not reach. The feed does not adapt enough. It is a control/software problem. My solution? Replace the grill with an Oklahoma Joes. The Rider 900 I just purchased does not have temperature control for the higher temps, the control goes to 325, then there is low/medium/and high for searing or higher temps, but it is not controlled. I have never grilled above 300, except for searing, so it should not be an issue.
I had that problem, then I put a water pan in the smoker. Problem solved. The temperature holds at 250 no swing. Hope this helps….

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