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Jun 11, 2024
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New Holstein WI
Anyone else have a lemon from the start? I ordered brand new direct from the factory and it may have well been used/refurbished. At first customer service was lovely. They sent a new control panel. and 2x we got a new set screw to fix auger issues. It was a fairly high priced (for me) christmas gift to my husband a few years back. Almost every time he turns it on there's an error code. Last weekend, he was making a brisket and the temp went up only 2 degrees per hour. Every big project he has he's up all night and won't leave home. It's constantly shutting off. I'm heartbroken for him. I think he's exhausted youtube repair videos. Why should we have to repair and not the company? At this point, IF they had an email. I'm not even trying to get replacements or a refund. So frustrating. My husband has decided pit boss has left him sour and he's ordering a different brand :( Thanks for listening yall.