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Nov 23, 2020
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Huntington Beach CA
Just got the PB850PS2 pro series Friday nite, built it and did the burn off process and all that stuff. Ran it for a while and noticed NO SMOKE, tried to adjust things but no luck.
Called Pit Boss and they asked a few Q's and then got with tech support and they emailed me directions to re-wire the control panel. Not kidding, they sent this:

There has been an update to your case:

Hello Mike,

here is the auger wire swap id like you to preform to further troubleshoot along with timing your auger.

In order to figure out if it is the auger motor itself no longer working, or perhaps the control board no longer sending the correct signal to the auger motor, I have a few steps for you to follow.
1. Unplug your grill from power.
2. Remove the �Hopper Access Panel� from the bottom of the pellet hopper (this will be a black metal grate). You will need to use a Phillips screwdriver to remove screws.
3. Locate the auger motor wires (red/white to red/red).
4. Locate the fan wires (yellow/white to yellow/yellow).
5. Disconnect the wire connections between the auger motor and fan wires.
6. Cross connect the wires (yellow/white to red/red) and (red/white to yellow/yellow).
7. Plug in grill.
8. Power on to the �SMOKE� setting with lid on barrel open.
9. If the auger motor now works when connected to the fan motor wires, then you need most likely need a new control board. The fan will probably not be turning.
10. If the auger motor does not work when connected to fan wires, then you need most likely need a new auger motor. The fan will probably be turning.

You can time the auger feeding to see if the control board is functioning as it should by doing an Auger Timing Test. The instructions for the test are below.
1) Take all the cooking grids and flame broiler out of your unit
2) Turn the unit on smoke and make sure the P-Setting is on P-4
3) Do your normal start up (lid open for 7-10 minutes)
4) After 10 minutes, have a timer ready and watch the auger push out pellets into the burn box for about 3-4 cycles and record your findings
5) The auger should run for 18 seconds and be off for 115 seconds (approximately)

After you are done with this test please email me back with the results.

If you would like to respond to this case, please reply to this email.

[this model has a PID controller not a timer, so I did not do it cause I don't want an electrical nightmare senario.]
WTF Pitt Boss? and what is the (smoke density control) (see picture), shows an icon for it on the fancy chart under the hood but the manual does not refer to it at all.


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I have the same model. But mine over fills the fire box after about 5 hours. PB had me time the auger, first thing it didn’t run the auger for 4 minutes. Then the auger run time was almost 2 minutes the pause time was about right. Ran this three time
on mine the auger runs for about 1/2 to 1 second and it does that about every 20 - 30 seconds
it does maintain the temp well.

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