Is the 850 Pro the right Grill for me?


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May 7, 2021
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$500 or under is where I’d like to be, can go up if the value is there.

I’m really leaning Pitboss as they have the sear slide and I’m looking to have only 1 grill at the house.

I’ve read about the controller issues, but it seems there’s no update or solution for the 850? That’s what’s stopping me from purchasing today.

I also really like the quick ash clean out underneath. But it appears the 850 doesn’t have that.

This will be my first pellet grill. So, I wanted to do my due dilligence and ask the pros here what other grills should I be looking at for at or around $500?
Austin XL makes a lot of people happy. It doesn't have a PID controller but it has the slide dear plate and lots of room for cooking. I have 2 Pit Boss smokers and both of them have non PID controllers.

If you can swing $599, the 1150 pro series at lowes has the clean out tray on the bottom, a controller that can be updated for 25° increments between 200° - 300°, and a little more cooking area.

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