Is Overnight Refrigeration Good After Seasoning?

Perhaps others will correct me if I'm wrong, but you might want to start earlier if you are having it for dinner. I think you will run the risk of either not eating until very late or not have much of a bark. Although, maybe with the amount of brown sugar you are using, it will be fine.

The last one I cooked, I didn't wrap it right away when it hit the stall. I let it bark up for a couple of hours during the stall before I wrapped, and it was the best one I made. If I was cooking a 9# butt, I'm putting it on at 6 or 7 in the morning, just to be safe. Just a suggestion. If it gets done early, it will hold very nicely in a cooler, still wrapped up, for quite a while.
By all means start several hours early. Have a cooler ready, pad the bottom to elevate the roast off the cooler floor (some will crack otherwise). When you are happy with the probe tenderness check, (203f) vent the wrapped butt for 3-5 minutes. Rewrap and place into the cooler. Close the lid, put security tape on it! This will give you all the time you need until serving time!

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