Internal temp probe on Copperhead


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Jul 17, 2020
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So. California
So my 6 month old Copperhead vertical smoker started throwing an ERL code anytime the time got above 200. Spoke to customer service and they sent me a new internal temperature probe. However they sent no instructions whatsoever. Has anyone else here changed this and can tel me how it done? Or at least tell me where it’s located?
Contact them again and have them email the instructions. I have swapped one out before but not on my Copperhead. I swapped one out on my pellet grill and the set up on the vertical is a bit different. Call them and leave a call back number and ask them to email you the instructions. Or see if there is anything on YouTube.
Thanks for the reply. I did check YouTube first...nothing. I finally figured it out. Just started taking things apart til I found the connection.

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