I love to cook outside...


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Jun 2, 2021
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I have several grills and smokers to cook with, and I like them all for what they do well. I've been grilling for 35 years, but only smoking for a few years.

My grilling history:
started with a Weber Smokey Joe and later was given a hand me down weber 22 inch kettle.
20 years ago my Mom and Dad gave me a Genesis Silver B for my birthday and I still have it and use it regularly.
10 years ago I was lucky that Mom and Dad spoiled me with a large big green egg. I love it, but it is a bit more work.
2 years ago I bought the PB Pro 820 on a really good sale and its been my frequent go-to for tri-tip, ribs and some whole chickens.
Oh, and two months ago I picked up a used Genesis E 330 at a give away price. It's been my go-to for quick cooks like burgers or grilled veggies.

I'm still learning the PB pro having done a bunch of tri tips, ribs a few times and smoked chicken a few times.

I'm thinking of modifying it to take a rotisserie with a goal of smoked whole chickens.

Thanks for having me.