Holy Smoke the NEW PBV4PS2 will go up in smoke LITERALLY


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Mar 9, 2021
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Lake House
If you see a lot of smoke and a temperature over 450 degrees, don't open the door to cool it off..... BIG MISTAKE
I have a problem with the BT & WIFI, which I have a trouble ticket open for a replacement.
I was running manually until the replacement arrived.

This weekend, I had done the Burn Off and shutdown a few days earlier with no problem.
On Sunday, I set the temperature at 225 and went in the house to finish prepping the chicken.

I noticed a LOT of smoke, and when I checked the controller it was almost 450 and climbing.
I checked the temp and it was set to 225, FAN, IGNITER & AUGER were all illuminated
I pulled the plug and then all hell broke loose.
DUMB MISTATE 101 kicked in..... Opened the door to cool it off was a BAD MOVE...
WHERE THERE IS SMOKE there is FIRE and a lot of it... Pushed door closed with a rake and latched it wearing a HT mitt
I called my local LOWE's about returning the smoker.... NO issues returning it and VERY HELPFULL...
Scorched paint on cabinet and lots of heat marks in fire tamer
I was told that last year they had 3 of the older models had caught fire....

The construction is great and it will HOLD THE HEAT.... The Controller is a true POS....

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