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Feb 28, 2020
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So wife brought home an 820 pit boss. Cooked ribeyes last night with reverse sear-pretty good bacon tonight. Good my newbie question is How do you actually get smoke at a higher temp say 350 or not. Thanks.
Welcome to the forum @Impdaddy - Normally most of the smoking is done under 250. To get extra smoke cooking at that high of a temp, you might want to consider a smoke tube.
I have had my 700 for a year and a half. It always runs internal at least 25-50 degrees higher. I do not have a chimney stack on it. Should I get one or somehow calibrate the heat?
What are you using for your temp reading, the digital on the controller or the lid thermometer? Lid thermo will almost always be higher due to location in the barrel. I focus on the digital and find it consistent. I added a stack to my 700 about 8 months ago and have not noticed any change to the temps. When I added the stack, I covered the holes in the back with fender washers and bolts/nuts. I did it for cosmetic reasons primarily.

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