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Heat Diffuser


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Sep 12, 2020
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has anyone removed the heat diffuser and if so what pros or cons did it have? When I say heat diffuser u mean the metal shield if you will that runs the entire length of the grill and goes around the cup where the pellets fall.
I posted this on another Forum last year... Some of the info pertains to your question.

  1. By the design of it’s heat diffuser, the thin metal screen that sits on top of the Burn Pot’s four screws and the Auger cover, allows for direct grilling... Which is great, but it’s not really diffusing any heat. It’s allowing the flame from the burn pot to go directly to the cooking grates. Your Grills Flame broiler and Flame broiler slider are really actually the grills heat diffuser. Make sure while bbqing low and slow, that the flame broiler slider is in it’s Closed position... Leaving it open just a little can make a huge difference in allowing in excessive heat.
  2. Another easy fix for the Heat variations across your grill is to add some Fire Bricks to the right side of your PB XL where the temps are the highest. Home Depot carries them and does Walmart
  3. They do a good job of absorbing the heat and balancing the heat where they are place in your grill.
4. Don’t stop using the stock heat diffuser, especially if you plan on doing high heat grilling and searing. If You do more low and slow bbqing and don’t use the searing feature very much, then I would consider buying a more traditional heat diffuser that does a better job at diffusing/controlling the heat/flame coming from the burn pot. All of the top brand pellet grills on the market use some type of heat diffuser that sits directly over the burn pot. Yoder, RecTec, Traeger, ect. all use heat diffusers that actually covers their burn pots. Do You have to have one for your PB Grill? No, but if you want more stable and balanced temps from your PB Pellet Grill and not have wild/crazy temp swings and temps that are super hot on one side of your grill, then the two things to buy and use are the Fire bricks and a traditional heat diffuser.
5. The Fire Bricks really helps with absorbing heat where they are placed in your grill and using a Traditional, Burn Pot covering Heat Diffuser would really make a big difference in balancing and taming the heat within your pellet grill. If You like the option of being able to use the direct searing feature, then buy and use the Fire Bricks first and place them on the side of your grill that is generating the most heat. If you’re also dealing with wild temp swings, then buying and using a traditional, burn pot covering heat diffuser would really help in taming the heat/flame from the burn pot.
6. Flare ups are caused by burning fat and grease falling into the burn pot... Always make sure the Flame Broiler Slider is in its closed position, to not allow any cooked fat or grease to fall into the burn pot... and another good idea is to cover/line the flame broiler with Aluminum Foil. The Aluminum Foil helps to cut down on grease fire flare ups and it also helps to make your after bbq clean up much easier.
7. Get into a habit of cleaning your PB XL after every cook and use a Shop Vac to clean out the burn pot of ash and the entire cooking camber of ash as well. Your grill will operate more reliable and give you less headaches and issues. Follow these tips and advice and I’m sure your problems will be solved.

Pellet Pro Austin XL and a few more mods... in SoCal and Always... Semper Fi
Can you link me to a heat diffuser that will cover the burn pot on a PB 1150PS2 or a picture so that I can mod one?