Having issues with temps? Check your ash cleanout on Pro models.


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Apr 3, 2022
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I just bought a Pro1150 this weekend in the hopes all the controller and temp issues had been resolved by now. Eh, not so much.
I came from a 1000 series, and I have a heat deflector mod in that, so I just moved it to the 1150 before I started.
I also didn't use the diffuser in my Austin XL, so I didn't install it in the pro either.

First run took 1.5 hours to get to 350 degrees. Turned it off, let it cool, made sure everything was put together proper. I added the diffuser and removed the deflector mod so the unit was now completely stock. It was better, but took just a little over an hour to get to 350* Still pretty unacceptable. However, by this time it was dark out and I noticed hot ash every so often coming from the ash clean out. So after the grill was cool I checked the cleanout with a flashlight. Sure enough that ash cleanout leaks air like a sieve. The barrel has a really nice thick gasket on it, and when installed my cleanout assembly is a little loose on the right side, but even manually pushing the cleanout against the barrel, I can still see light from the flashlight.

So I broke out the aluminum HVAC foil tape, taped around the cleanout, and started attempt 3. Within 20 minutes the grill was at 300, in 30 minutes 350.
This is definitely a problem, and I theorize it may be a lot of the temperature and pid issues that have plagued these units lately. My ambient temps are 75-80ish.

I'll be calling customer service tomorrow to figure out what to do, I hope that there is some solution for this. It does seem like there really is no way to make this completely tight, and obviously foil tape is not a valid solution.


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