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Jun 17, 2021
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So far I have smoked a whole chicken, brisket and meatloaf and all have hit the stall. Once I wrap them in foil or butcher paper and crank up the temp it gets to the desired temperature but I feel like I may be losing moisyure in doing this. Does all heavier meats stall at some point? Is cranking up the heat causing me to lose moisture?
So your saying if I just keep it at temp it will eventually get to desired temp?
Sure. It may be frustrating, and I've only had it occur on large cuts of meat, like a shoulder. That's why the "Texas Crutch" of wrapping the meat in foil or butcher paper after about 150 degrees can help. Also seals in moisture, and your smoke ring is pretty much done by then.
yes the meat will get past the stall if you maintain temp smoking is a low and slow process sit back enjoy the company have a beverage till its done
foil holds in heat and moisture so it pushes through the stall. Butcher paper when wrapped well holds in moisture but not so much heat.
the stall is from evaporation as the meat breaks down into good stuff. It is not a bad thing. Best idea is to try and retain that moisture so it can re-absorb during the rest, which is the most important part if you want to keep it from drying out. Just plan for the stall and consider it part of a process done right.
Since smoking is temp (not time) dependent, I'm learning to allow about 2 hours longer than I think I need if people are waiting on dinner. You can always wrap done meat and place in a cooler, because people can get restless while waiting for the meat to be the last thing to be done!
I’ve had Turkey stall on me on thanksgiving.
Dinner was set for 3, didn’t finish till 630 and I had to let it rest.
It was really windy that thanksgiving and I think the smoker just couldn’t keep a stead temp.
I tend to wrap at the stall and turn up the heat some, see chart below. The meat stick ambient sits inch off the meat so it always reads low due to the evaporation, you can see after the wrap the ambient is better represented since the foil protects the meatstick ambient, at about 160 the change in slope when i raised to 250 until internal of 201. 12.5 hrs 9 lb bone-in...

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