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Feb 4, 2021
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Lake Havasu City, az
I recently purchased my third Pit Boss grill, the portable tailgater, I have an older 700 at a summer Austin XL at home and the tailgater was to go in RV. I have had it about 45 days and only used it a few times. First two uses I could not get it up to temp. With it set at 350 I could only get it to about 220 and that was using oven thermometer and checking the grill with infra red. After talking to Pit Boss they sent a new temp probe..(45 days to arrive)...I installed it and used it last night but again I have to set it to 450 and could only get a temp of about 275-300. Took 90 min to boneless chicken thighs. Very frustrated with the new grill, the others work great. Any ideas?....
Temp yesterday with trying to do chicken was78-80...and with Austin XL sitting 3 ft. away...same P setting...4.....would do the chicken in 20-25 min....just can not seem to get the heat in the tailgater...

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