Found a smoker for free online, temp issues


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Nov 5, 2022
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The free smoker (PBV4PS1, looks brand new from the outside) needed a lot of cleaning and after some other troubleshooting it was determined through PB Support to replace the board. Now I go through the start-up and then dial up the temp and it gets to about 215ish and starts flashing “030 F”.

Before the flash, the temp jumps all over the place, down, up a few times: 215, 170, 220, 165. I put a wifi probe of my own inside and the temp climbs to over 300 before I shut it down.

I ordered a new replacement temp probe.

Is there anything else I should be checking here?

I’m going to replace about every key component so I’m about $90 into a free smoker in repairs.

Tried just running it longer (just now) and temp got to 110, then flashed 030F, my probe showed about 280 then ERL.
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