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Jan 22, 2021
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RE: "pit boss heat deflector mod" on Youtube

After researching this Forum and watching videos on fixing the Pit Boss temperature swings, I'm happy to report the problem appears to be corrected permanently.

I highly recommend every Pit Boss owner check out the referenced video by Tom Bowden on Youtube that demonstrates installing a steel plate to prevent the hot firebox air from blowing directly on the fixed temp probe. The plate is from "Smokes like a Boss" ("). Make sure you continue to use all of the factory equipment including the broiler plate after installing the heat deflector plate to ensure the heat gets distributed throughout the barrel.

Background: Until I installed the plate, I was very frustrated, having installed a new controller and a new temp probe that Pit Boss sent me, but the wild temperature swings continued. Until I made the fix, there was no way the "actual" temperature read outs on the panel could accurately show the temperature in the barrel. I confirmed this by doing some testing using highly accurate, calibrated temp probes that showed the measured true actual temperatures were as much as 80-deg F lower than the temp the panel was showing.

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