ERR code problems


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Jan 9, 2022
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I just recieved this smoker a week ago from Wal-Mart. My first fire was yesterday, worked perfectly, went up to 350° flawlessly and stayed ther for the initial burn off for half an hour. Today I was going to smoke a turkey and I can't get the smoker to reach 150° without throwing the "ERR" code and shutting itself down. Please help.
What is blinking once you get the code? Could be 4 things: Fan, Auger, Ignitor, or Pellet.
The ignitor icon is the only one blinking. I put the 2 meat probes in the smoker, all 3 thermometers were within 5° of each other. The ignitor is clean (brand new) the only difference was the first burn off run was 35° out and it was 17° the second run.
Check the wires to the ignitor to make sure their tight? I'd give tech support a call 877 303 3134 option 2 if you find the wires tight.
Also, check the installation of the ignitor. I had PB send me a new one, and when changing it out, found out that manufacturing had not tightened the set screw, so ignitor was moving.
Went ahead and replaced, and no problems since. (over 2 years)