ERR and Blinking Fan right out of the box!


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May 14, 2020
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I cannot even begin to explain how upset I am..

Waited for almost 2 months to get this thing (never in stock), get the email alert last night, first thing this AM run and grab it (45 minutes away), get back home and start the process of setting up and putting together. Got it all done and have to wait for a family member to help me get it where it needs to be, go to burn in and get it rolling.... ERR and blinking fan icon.

Called customer service, put my number in the queue to be called back, waited just about 2 hours and finally got the call back just to be hung up on before they even spoke!! Anyone out there have a similar experience? I am at a loss as to what to do now other than just wait on the line for them...
I had the KC Combo and had a similar issue, but mine was the ERR code with a blinking igniter. Says it will be 4-6 weeks for them to send me one.
Finally got through to customer service. No problem they say, we’ll ship one right out, 14-18 business days. LOL this is laughable and maybe the worst customer service experience I’ve had in quite a bit.
First post... Basically having same issue as you. Did some research on this grill and chose this over a Traeger. Seems like a mistake!
So got the KC Combo on July 3rd for a cookout on the 4th with family over. I put about $100 of meat in the smoker and all was well for about 3 hours in and then got ERR code with flashing igniter. Spent about 45 minutes trying to get it going but ended up having to finish it up on the propane side. Actually got thru to customer service on the 4th. They are sending me a new igniter. About 2-3 weeks out so I purchased one on Amazon for my BRAND NEW SMOKER! Get it installed the next day and NO HELP!!! I Start troubleshooting, doing wire checks. All check good. Igniter was getting hot. Well after checking the wires I reconnect them all and guess what... IT WORKS!
So excited, so I put it away and get it out for dinner to use and guess what... ERR code with the flashing igniter AGAIN!
Now I’m super pissed! Call again. Leave callback. Nothing!!!
Start a case online. No response.
Fast forward to today and was thinking to myself, the problem seemed to start when I did a APP update so I deleted the APP. Well guess what...??
It works again so I was sure it was the APP. Anyways I put some wings on to smoke and almost got them done when my friend the ERR code shows up again!!!
I’m pretty much done with this smoker! As soon as I can contact someone I’m looking to return it!
Very disappointed!!!

A side note; A few nights back I did a (fair and civil) review on it their website and the very next day they took it down! Weird! Not good business in my opinion!

Sucks cuz I really wanted to love this KC Combo!

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