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Mar 26, 2020
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columbia station, ohio
I have a PBV4PS1 Pit Boss vertical smoker. I have owned it for less than a year, (bought it brand new from Lowes). I have used it about 8 times now, and 3 of those times at some point during the smoking process the smoker has shut down with the error code; "Er1". The troubleshooting guide tells me to check the temperature probe and associated wiring. I've checked everything and can't find any problems. Anyone know what the problem is? Possible control panel issue? It doesn't happen all the time which is puzzling.
I have a new unit, 3 weeks old, third time using it and got the same code. Unit stopped working, had to unplug power and reset it to continue cooking. The laminate not he control panel has also lifted after the second use. Like the unit, not so thrilled it is having issues on the 3rd use... doesn't spec well for the electrical component quality. Cheap Chinese shit.
I have the same unit and replaced the heat sensor 3 times due to the erl code. My unit is less than a year old purchased from Lowe’s. I want to toss it in a dumpster but it cooks really nice when working properly. I’m hopeful that I’m not alone and someone has a permanent solution for this problem!
Wanted to share something here that I didn’t see anywhere else. I was getting an ER1 code and it wasn’t anything wrong with the control board or heat sensor. Auger was frozen up because of pellet dust. Had to take off the housing and pull the auger to clean it. Everything worked great after. It was throwing the code because it wasnt getting pellets and heating properly.

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