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Jun 14, 2022
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Justt want to thank customer service for helping me get my 5 year old pit boss 720 classic back working. It started out by calling them about my display being hard to read. They said no problem and send me a new one. I put it in and it worked great for a couple cooks than I had another problem with a error message. I called and they said no problem and they sent me a new Temp probe. I put it in and that didn't work. I called and they sent me a new igniter. I put it in, and it fired right up. Only problem was when I put the hopper back on the auger quit working. I called again and they said I had an auger jam. Took hopper back off and auger starter working again. Then with it was set at 225 degrees it got above 400 degrees. They told me to make a video of what exactly what it was doing and I did. Next day with it fully assembled I started it back up and it fired up and only problem I had was the temp swings. I called again and told them and they said they would send another display. Well I decided to put my old display back in so I could cook a boston butt for the 4th of July and the old display worked and I had only a slight temp swing. I could it and turn out great. Only problem after about 5 hours into the cook the display started to fade and I had trouble reading the temperature probe on the display. Well my new display arrived and I put it in and it appears to be working. I cook ribeyes and had no issue. Thanks for honoring the 5 year warranty. Everyone I talked to over this ordeal was friendly and was sorry for the trouble I was having. Thank you.

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