Chicken Leg Quarters / Drum Sticks


Aug 1, 2021
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Houston, Tx
I'm back at it again :) My chicken breasts last weekend were so dry but my dogs enjoyed it lol So I'm going for it again any tips on cooking leg quarters & drum sticks? temps and how long?
I did some thighs and drum stick cooked them at 200 with the meat probe in a thigh till the temp was at 175 in the thigh basted them with Italian dressing every 1/2 hr mine were moist when done thats in a PB4
Thank you.
Done drumsticks as lollipops. They were great but a lot of work to prepare. Also have done drumsticks on a leg rack from Cave Tools. They are as good as lollipops and a lot easier to prepare. Just hang them from the rack and smoke.

Breasts are another story. I"ve only done boneless, skinless. They came out moist but the outer surface was dry and leathery. I spritzed and even injected one batch but still not a tender outer surface. Did them at 250 degrees and got an internal temp of 165.
Just remember, chicken Needs to be cooked Hot. Doesn't matter if it's skin on or skinless. Skin on needs to be cooked hot to have crispy skin. Skin off needs to be cooked hot like Mexican restaurants do to get that good tasty grill marks flavor.

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