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Mar 7, 2022
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Hi All,

Does Pitboss sell a Cover to protect the Brunswick from the elements? Or is it included with the smoker?
I didn't see one for this model on a Google search
I would go to Lowe's and buy the PBV4PS2 which is the twin to the Brunswick, which has the same features. Or research a vertical smoker you can get a cover for.
I have a cloakman cover for the PB Bruswick you can have for free if you're still looking. Just send me a PM if interested, I'll send you the weight and dims of the box. If you'll email the shipping label, I'll drop off at a local FedEx or UPS store. My Brunswick was a piece of junk, had problem after problem and finally just sent it back to Walmart. Unfortunately at that point it was too late for me to send the cover back to Amazon. Cover was only used one time and even then the smoker was in my garage. I have no use for it, but hate to trash it.

Here's the Amazon link with more details on the cover.

Cloakman Premium Heavy-Duty Smoker Cover for Pit Boss Platinum Brunswick Vertical Pellet Smoker 73040
I have that same cover (Cloakman) for the Brunswick and it’s awesome… very well made. And since they replaced my Brunswick with a Sportsman 7 after the fire I have a free cover as well if anyone wants it. PM me.

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