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Blue Tooth Controller wild Temp Swings

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May 12, 2021
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I have an Austin XL which I am totally happy with.

I modified the controller with the Blue Tooth unit before ever starting up.

It seems to operate correctly in connecting to my smart phone. But the problem is the temp reading seem to be way off and swing wildly.

The Therm on the barrel of the smoker seems to be accurate and stable but I have to set the controller way over the desired temp to get the barrel temp I need.

Anyone else experienced this?


I am experiencing the same thing. I called support and they sent me a new controller. A coworker said the temps will fluctuate a lot, but the having to crank it up to match lid temps is not a problem he has had. I will install the new controller this week and let ya know what I find out
Update! I installed my new controller and the requested temp on the grill matches the lid temperature. The Wi-Fi temperature is still fluctuates but I am happy with the new install. My coworker says the temperature on the Wi-Fi controller always fluctuate a little higher but as long as the lid temp and request a temp match everything should be good. Hope this helps