Best fix for chipping paint on new smoker (pbv4ps2)


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Aug 9, 2021
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Got my new smoker the other day. Lowes first brought out a box that the bottom 5 or so inches was mangled and torn opened, so I asked for a different example. They retrieved one with only a minor crushed corner (front left of smoker). Upon opening the box at home, there was no damage to that corner.

Once fully assembled, I found paint chipped a little and peeling off the back left, top corner, just before the hopper door. See pictures.

What is the best way to repair or prevent further chipping here? Do I peel it til it stops, then spray it with high temp paint or any other suggestions? This will live outside under the pitboss brand cover, and i'd hate to get additional rust potential.

Thanks Mike. That's about what I'd think as well. One other quick q, does yours pour smoke out of the top seams along each side? like the pic below. We did the burn in yesterday and noticed it. Im sure we can tape the seams or use high temp caulk if it isn't normal. another easy fix if thats the case.

My vertical is a Copperhead Series 3. Sometimes the top left corner will leak smoke but I just adjust the door latch to make it close tighter. Even then it does it sometimes but not enough to lose any heat or smoke flavor.
I have the same smoker. Is your chimney cap open up enough? I never seen smoke coming from the seams on mine.
Mike From R.I. , I'll double check that during the next actual cook. I believe we had smoke at the seams still, in addition to a little in the door, this past Saturday while cooking our first rack of ribs, and the cap was fairly high.

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