Bear Mountain Pecan Pellets


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Dec 27, 2021
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Bismarck. North Dakota
Has anyone used BM Pecan? I have only used Pit Boss Pecan. Was wondering how they compare with Pit Boss or other brands. I have used other Bear Mountain flavors with good results. Happy with all Pit Boss except competition blend. My experience is Bear Mountain producing more smoke. Just curious of other peoples experiences and recommendations.
I'm a Pitboss newby here coming from the offset smoker world. From what I'm learning, I like Pitboss pellets but the Bear Mountain seems to be a bit better and give more smoke flavor that I like. They are usually a few dollars more than Pitboss but worth it. I can get them at Lowe's around my area (Kansas) and they often have sales cheeper than the Pitboss pellets. It's all for naught when you're at grilling temps - too hot to tell the difference. At smoking temps, Bear Mountain wins in my book. btw - I'm roasting a spatchcock chicken today as a dry run for Thanksgiving turkey. Have a great weekend!

I actually used the Bear Mountain pecan last week. I really liked it. I'll be getting the BM pellets when I can, over the Pitboss pellets.
I was reading in another forum the TS pellets burned well but didn't have much for flavor. I haven't tried them though.
Never tried those but I’ve tried Atwood’s pellets
They weren’t to bad but I’m stuck on bear mountain now and like em a lot 🇺🇸🇺🇸
I have about 10 bags of Bear Mountain in the garage. A couple of Apple, underwhelmed by them but will try again. Gourmet blend doesn't fill the place with good smelling smoke and was not impressed when I used it on a pork shoulder but made some great chili. The rest is Hickory, my goto.

I just ordered 40lbs of the pecan shell pellets from Smokinpecan. I'll let yall know how that goes.
I normally use Bear Mountain hickory but three hours into my last smoke my "low pellet" alarm went off, I went to Tractor Supply, and they were all out of Bear Mountain. Reason I bought a bag of their brand to try out.

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