Auger keeps getting jammed but lifting motor resolves issue


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Jul 16, 2022
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San Antonio
Ran into an issue this week with my Pit Boss. Auger stopped feeding into the grill, so I took it apart, un-clogged it and though all was good.

That said, it was not all good. The auger gets jammed every time it gets to a certain position, but if I lift the motor up a bit it gets going again. The problem is I can’t just constantly hold it in the correct position.

Is my motor going bad and unable to put strength into it when needed? Or is it something else? I’ve attached a video to hopefully demonstrate.

Thanks for the help
Call customer support.

Had a similar issue, after getting a replacement gear box ordered I took apart the gear box (four screws) and thee gears were ground down and the auger stopped turning when at that part of the gear.