App temp increments are different from the grill control


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Jul 4, 2022
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Chandler, TX
I've got the grill dialed in at 275° for some Texas style spare ribs, but the app temperature increments skips from 250° to 300° with nothing in between. The app DOES accurately monitor the current temp (which is the most important), but how hard is it to make the Smoke IT app mirror the same increments as the dial on my KC Combo (pb1285kc) ? Is there a trick or did they make the app temp ranges different for some brilliant reason. Also...with the grill set to the dezired temp of 275°, the app defaults to showing 250° as the "set" temp. Scratching my head on why they'd consider this to be "close enough for govt. work".
I guess I have an older version I don’t have anything in between 250-300 but if I set it at 250 it floats at 270