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Apr 20, 2020
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Hi everyone new to smoking in general, bought a Lexington due to the low cost about a week ago. I work in the Automotive Industry and have a Wife and 3 Girls....... So far mixed bag for Me. I smoked chicken legs at 225 for several hours last week turned out great but took a lot longer than planned. Did chicken kabobs tonight turned out "ok" but again took about double the time. It does just fine of maintaining the temp on the controller but the dome thermometer shows routinely 100 degrees "lower" than the probe temp. Seems like most people's dome thermometer runs hotter than the control temp.... Anyways if anyone has any advice or if that seems weird I would love to hear feedback. Gonna try a butt maybe this upcoming weekend so we'll see...... Thanks hopefully I get things smoothed out!!!


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Hello- I'd suggest getting a cheap oven thermometer and putting it on the grill grates to run a test. I have the Classic and occasionally notice a difference with the dome thermometer vs. the controller. I've never see a 100 degree difference though. I solely work off the controller thermometer. 225 is slow cooking for sure and will take longer than perhaps what you are use to with "grilling". But to be certain your Lexington is working properly, I'd run a test before cooking much more on it. If nothing else, you will have piece of mind and learn about your grill in the process. These things are a lot of fun. Good luck!
Welcome from Texas! ? Pulled pork is one of my favorite things to cook. Give yourself plenty of time to cook and rest as well. I also do 225.