Airflow in the Brunswick


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Jan 9, 2022
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Can you all actively feel air blowing out of the vents inside the cabinet? I noticed in the instructions that it says you should be able to when you turn it on, but I can't. It sounds like the fan is running just fine. It gets up to temp (verify using thermo pro probes) and smoke comes out of the stack. I just can't specifically tell that air is circling thru the vents properly. I'm about 4-5 cooks in now and still feel like I'm not getting enough smoke flavor. (started added a pellet tube on the bottom shelf). I have also noticed it taking much longer to cook than I am used too. I did a 5 lb brisket flat yesterday. Total cook time at the 230 degree setting was 13 hours. Took 8 hours to hit stall at 160 (wrapped at that point). Brisket was also much drier than what I get I'm my other smokers. (have electric and stick burners, this is my first pellet)