850 Navigator Display Panel Fault


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Sep 30, 2020
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sunshine coast australia
Hey all! Used my new Navigator 850 2 times, both on a 20hr low n slow and had great results. Then...on the 3rd weekend, turned on and low and behold... no feed into the burner. Called and left a message and received a call. Took a guess at the issue and sent a new display. No instructions or anything so emailed for some vids to show how to remove the auger incase it was jammed and on how to replace the display unit. They sent some broken links and after putting them back together i realised they didn't send any videos showing how to replace the display hahaha!! Luckily there isn't much under the hood and it was pretty easy to replace. Just be sure to remember what wire goes where as it isn't a straight colour match. Anyways, its working again.. for now. Could just be unlucky but if your experiencing the same issue, it will most probably be the display.
The best thing to do when running into issues with "how to" is to check YouTube. Plenty of people have had issues with control panels, error codes and augers and post videos on how to fix things. When messing with the control panel I always take a picture of the wiring before unplugging anything to make sure I get them back in the right spot.

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