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Sep 27, 2021
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Hello everyone.. I am a retired firefighter paramedic and is dermatic and a firefighter from my station gifted me basically history is pitboss Memphis grill because because he had a fire in the smoker Box. He figures everything in there is damage beyond repair I'm looking at the parts list. I am picking it up Thursday. He said the propane side and charcoal side work fine. Assuming it will need an auger all the electric wiring the heating element the thermostat is it worth it to buy all of that just to get that smoker up and running? This probably does not take into consideration whether the seal around that little glass door is bad or anything else. Also is it very difficult to replace all of those parts, Without deconstructing most of the grill? It And my last question is do they sell the smoker Box that's intact with all its parts, that I could just put back in the bottom of the grill? Thanks..
I am not familiar with that type of grill but changing out the controller, fan and auger are quite easy... Even for someone like me who is not mechanically inclined. Look for some YouTube videos and see if you can find any videos about the Memphis grill.
I appreciate that reply. I am having one hell of a time finding where parts are even located for the pitboss Memphis is mottle 75952. I plugged in the extension cord and turned the dial and the element did not heat up at all. This of course is after I had a pretty big fire in the smoker Box. I'm just trying to find the element.

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