Whiskey Smoker - Heat Issue


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Feb 23, 2020
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Fixed my heat issue with new Whiskey Smoker. With a set temp of 300 it wouldn't get above 201 at the probe laid on middle grill. At set temp of 225, the most used long term smoking temp, the middle grill wouldn't reach 125 even. So nothing would cook.

Problem is the design of the slanted grease pan. First turn the bottom heat deflector so side slots point to the door and back, not left and right as the manual says. Then cut a piece of sheet metal, i used copper sheet, and pop rivet to the grease pan to close up the gap on 5in either side of the set temp heat probe. Now it holds 15 variance + - of the set temp. I can hit 400 at the middle tray now. Or hold a solid 225 to smoke. Really hate it when I have to redesign something new and you know that nobody actually tested this thing. But for $150 on clearance I figure I can put in a full WiFi controller system in and still come out fine.

Problem is created by the slant of the grease pan funneling heat directly onto the heat probe, which is exposed to the near direct heat since there's a 3/4" gap between grease pan and side of smoker. Fill this gap and heat is deflected so you get a truer measurement. Kind of like problem of mounting a thermostat next to a heat vent. Rest of the house gets cold.

However, Pit Boss support said it was working properly and weren't interested in a repair/replacement of parts.

Other problem is the hopper is not slanted enough to keep pellets funneling to the auger when half empty. Fixed that also with copper sheet. Took out the guard and made a steeper angle funnel placed on top of current one. Lost space for a few hand fulls of pellets, but don't need full 12 hour smokes anyway.
Mod I made to the drip pan to keep direct heat from the temp probe. Slot fits over probe shielding it. Real temp was off by more than 100f. Heat was direct going over primary probe. Even with pot deflector turned 90deg. Keeps good temp now. Bad OEM engineering flaw.


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