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Feb 15, 2020
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East Central Wisconsin
I Just joined the forum. I'm about to purchase my first pellet grill and decided to go with a Pitt Boss 820. I'm very confused though as there are so many choices.

What is the difference between the Pitt Boss 820 .. 820XL and the pro series 820?
I don't understand either. I ended up choosing the one that had the grill space I needed and looked nicest to me. I was set on the Austin XL, but when I saw the Rancher XL, I knew it was the one I wanted.
After looking them over closely I felt there was no real difference other than what options came with it. I went with the plain 820 because I didn't need the side shelf or any other option. I only want it as a dedicated smoker to take the place of my Smokin-It electric smoker. Once it warms up a bit I'll take it on its first real smoke of either a brisket or pork butts. I hope I'll get decent smoke flavor like I use to get with my Weber Smoky Mountain.

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