What to do with Grease in water pan


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Sep 17, 2020
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I just got my first smoker, a Pit Boss Pro Series vertical smoker, and the first three batches have me hooked. The problem I am having is deciding what to do with all of the grease that is in the water pan at the end of a smoke. I don't want to pour that much grease down the drain, but all the water makes it impractical to put in a bag and toss in the trash. I assume that this is an issue that everyone deals with, so what do other people do to deal with the tray full of water with a bunch of grease floating in it? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I have an "ash" pile in my backyard that I put all of my ashes from charcoal grill, burn barrel, fireplace, etc.
I pour the greasy water on this pile.
I then use the ashes once a year in my garden by spreading and tilling in to raise the pH.
The grease disintegrates into the ash and I never see it again.......

I then just hose out the pan with some spray cleaner and water hose and reuse the pan again.
I like that idea, but I don't have an ash pile and I don't generate enough ash to start one.
I put all my grease in a old Tide bottle then throw in away when it’s full
With all the water in the water tray, doesn't that fill up the bottle really fast? Or, do you have a reliable way to separate the grease in the pan from the water so that you are only putting grease in the bottle without the water?
Just pour it in the neighbor's yard when no one is looking :cool:

Seriously tho, I line my water pan with foil. Dump out as much water as I can in the sand and then wad up the foil with the grease in it and throw it away.
I'm similar to Mike. I let it cool down and the grease hardens (although I live in MN so it's a little cooler here) and skim in off and throw it away and then I pour the water outside. Don't want what little is left to harden in my sewer lines! If it's too warm where you live you could put the pan in the fridge overnight (let it cool to room temp before putting in the fridge). I used to pour the whole pan directly outside until my dog figured out what I was doing and then I just had a massive mess as she was trying to enjoy herself!
Yeah I just dump mine in my fire pit or a spot in my yard I don't care about
If yours is like mine it's poor engineering. They have a grease pan underneath the water pan that does absolutely nothing. Like Mike, I line the water pan with foil.
I try and use the bottom shelf as a grease pan with a disposable aluminum pan. When I am done I throw it away. The water pan on the series 2 doesn't really get grease in it so I dump it down the sink.

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