What are some of your favorite store-bought rubs & sauces?


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Feb 17, 2024
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I am sure we all make our own rubs, just as we do with sauces. But I am also sure there are times, maybe more often than we want to admit :) where we use store-bought rubs and sauces. That being said, I'd love to hear what some of your favorites are. If you buy them online, please include a link so that we can pick up a few bottles ourselves

Did a Kinder’s on one of my ribs yesterday. It helped with moisture and was a nice flavor. Will do that again.
I enjoy making my own rubs and tailor them for beef, poultry and pork , I find it very rewarding and it adds to the fun !!
I buy the main ingredients (onion and garlic powder) in bulk making them more cost effective than most commercial or store bought rubs. I have found the secret ingredient for pork rubs (a dash of cinnamon ) I have no problem with commercial rubs
I'm just having to much damn fun making my own !!!!! P/S there are many good rub recipes on the net plus I'm sure members here will be happy to share their favorite rub recipes.

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