What am I doing wrong?


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Jul 6, 2020
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Hello all, new to smoking here. I have a Series 3 vertical from Lowe's. I am having issues with the auger constantly feeding and it not reaching proper temps. Whenever I open the door to check the meat(s) i get billowing smoke for about 3-5 minutes. Thick smoke. Am I setting the temps incorrectly? What is proper startup and set procedure? What is the Smoke setting for? Sorry for all the questions, just eager to learn......Thanks!
If the Auger is constantly feeding it might be wired backwards. This seems to be a common problem unfortunately. Power the vertical up on smoke setting. Then when you start to see smoke and hear the flame set to 175. Close the door. Once it hits 175 go up to 225 or whatever setting you want to use. If it isn't working and keeps feeding pellets it is a wiring issue more than likely.
Thank you for the reply! I will definitely give that a shot. When it gets to the temp that I want to use do I switch it back to Smoke for the duration or keep it on that temp?

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